Settlers Cottage Bed and Breakfast - Sevenhill, South Australia
Settlers Cottage History

Settlers Famous History

Kennedy Cottage Sevenhill…. As historic as the first grapes planted in 1853 at the heart of the South Australian Wine Country.

This charming cottage was built by polish people who first settled the Clare Valley in 1850.

On March 15 1985, one of the guests wrote "This Settlers cottage, formerly "Hill View" was the home of our parents Thomas and Margaret Jenner until my father's death in 1933. His first wife (Margaret McCann) died in 1925. The family consisted of 6 boys and 4 girls- Jack, Alice, Jim, Will, Dulcie, Fanny (self), Faulkner, Vin, Pat Les and Marge. I am the sole survivor of this wonderful family. This visit has been a wonderful experience for me and my daughter Aileen. When we first moved in here, there were only two rooms and a little kitchen and workmen were still working on the other rooms which were near completion. My dad built the chimney for the kitchen in about 1910 and it still stands. He was not a builder. And he did the original cellar, the remains are still there. The steps are original. Francis Faulkner" (Mrs. Faulkner's son was the Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide R.R Leonard Faulkner).

In 1980 the cottage was bought by Mary and Josephine Kennedy to start a bed and breakfast business and was called Settlers Cottage. This was so innovative that the South Australian Government Tourist Bureau was very apprehensive about recommending customers. Five years later it was suggested that they start a chain of cottages and "we will keep them full"!

On Ash Wednesday 1983, a bushfire burnt all the fences, the shed, one third of the fig tree, the northern front garden and the grape vine which was trailing into an old well ,with all else thankfully saved by wonderful firefighters.

In 1987 Desmond and Mary Kennedy bought Craigs Hill Clare when more enquires were turned away than the cottage could accommodate.

In 1997 The Business registration name became Kennedy Cottage Sevenhill but Settlers Cottage prevails in common usage.

In November 2002 the Kennedy family sold this very special place to Rod and Genny Richards for their enjoyment and continued care.

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